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Best 20 Lessons Before Buying Your First Hoverboard

There are several lessons you need to learn before you buy your first hoverboard. And we’ve got 20 hoverboard buying tips right here for you.

You do not want to regret buying a hoverboard because you failed to learn the important lessons regarding it. You do not want to buy the wrong hoverboard either.

Do not waste your money on a hoverboard without performing the required research on hoverboards to determine which hoverboard is the right one for you.Are you ready to learn your lessons? If you are excited to buy your first hoverboard and start riding it, here are the lessons you need to learn before you buy your first hoverboard:

Hoverboard Buying Tips

–        Lesson #1:   Fast-Paced Evolving Hoverboard Market

hoverboard buying tips

What do you want to buy? A hoverboard? A self-balancing board? A smart scooter? A mini-segway? If you do not know what you are doing, it can get quite confusing real fast. A quick glance into the market of hoverboards will reveal a wide range of variations.

If you want to own a hoverboard, like an actual hoverboard, not these electrical personal mobility rides that people have begun to confuse as hoverboards, here is what you can do to not make the same mistake as others:

  • Hovertrax is a hoverboard
  • Segway is a Segway style scooter designed by Ninebot
  • Ninebot also designs a Segway style scooter with knee steering
  • Solowheel designs a one wheeled ride
  • OneWheel designs a one-wheeled skateboard
  • Zboard designs an electric skateboard

If you are on the lookout for the actual thing, go through the selection of hoverboards created by Hendo and Lexus. For instance, hoverboards by Lexus need superconductors, liquid nitrogen, and a magnetic track. As of now, their products are not ready for release in the market.

–        Lesson #2:  Online Sites to Buy Hoverboards

hoverboard buying tips

Not every online site that sells hoverboards on their platform can be labeled as reliable. You need to perform research to distinguish between the fake from the real ones. Your safest bet as of right now is to buy hoverboards listed on Amazon.

Ever since hoverboards exploding and catching on fire started to make the rounds, Amazon changed their rules for hoverboard manufacturers. The only hoverboards allowed on their selling platform are ones that have earned the UL 2272 safety certificate.

Buy hoverboards from Amazon or directly from the brand’s site. Ensure it is a popular and well-known brand before you place your order. You do not want to buy a hoverboard from a brand that sells extremely cheap hoverboards, as they likely are made from cheap materials and do not hold the UL 2272 safety certificate, thus increasing the risk of the hoverboard exploding or catching fire while it is on charge.

–        Lesson #3:  The Right Time to Buy a Hoverboard

hoverboard buying tips

You do not want to buy a hoverboard late in the year, as during that time, hoverboards from popular brands are usually sold-out. The craze for hoverboards is quite real even in 2018. If you thought hoverboards were a fad and would go out of style, your predication was incorrect.

The advancement of technology offers manufacturers the opportunity to push the envelope and design a state-of-the-art hoverboard, better than their previous models and more advanced than the hoverboards currently on the market.

You also do not want to buy a hoverboard during the holidays. Getting your hands on a hoverboard during the holidays is impossible, unless you are lucky. Most people want to gift a hoverboard to their loved ones for Christmas. So, December is a no-go month!

As said before, you can buy from Amazon or directly from the brand’s website. If the hoverboard you want to buy is sold out on Amazon, you can set up a reminder. When it becomes available, Amazon will alert you. Never settle for a knock-off though! They are not only a waste of money, but also pose a danger to you and others around you.

–        Lesson #4:  The Cost to Buy a Hoverboard

hoverboard buying tips

We do not have to tell you this, but you should already know this. Hoverboards are expensive! They cost a lot of money, especially the ones from major brands. However, is it worth the money? It definitely is! You will not have to worry about your hoverboard causing a fire or an explosion.

Can you find premium quality, UL 2272 certified hoverboard at a cost-effective price? Of course, you can! You can perform a quick research online to find a list of hoverboards from reputable manufacturers that will not cost you an arm and a leg.

You do not have to buy hoverboards that cost $1,000 and more, but can settle for a hoverboard, costing you between $400 to $900, depending on the brand. Keep in mind, a hoverboard in this range might not have as many features as the more expensive hoverboards.

–        Lesson #5:  The Safest Hoverboards to Buy

hoverboard buying tips

We have already told you about buying hoverboards that have the UL 2272 safety certificate seal on them. However, we do not mind do it again, as this is an extremely important lesson to learn. So much so that it should get its own heading.

Most probably, you have heard about hoverboards catching on fire and burning the entire house down. Unfortunately, those reports are true and made the news when hoverboards first came on the market. The cause of the fire were faulty batteries.

Even though no specific brands have been named in the reports released, it is safe to assume that the hoverboards with the malfunctioning and untested batteries came from China. For this reason, stick to buying a hoverboard from popular manufacturers — Ninebot, IO Hawk, Swagway, PhunkeeDunk, and Hovertrax, just to name a few.

Always remember, the cheapest hoverboard on the market is not the safest hoverboard on the market. If you find an incredible deal or discount online on a hoverboard, it is probably a knock-off. Don’t’ buy! It is better to be safe than sorry!

–        Lesson #6:  Ride hoverboard buying tipsYour Hoverboard Out on the Streets

Can you ride your hoverboard outdoors on the streets? Yes, you can. However, it depends on the hoverboard riding laws of the country or state you live in. For instance, in the United Kingdom, you cannot ride hands-free scooters on the road or sidewalks, but can ride it indoors or near your home’s driveway.

New York City has also placed a ban on riding hoverboards on the road and sidewalks if you can reach speeds of 15 miles per hour on it. Since most hoverboards do not reach speeds of 15 miles per hour, you can ride one on the streets of New York City.

If you are traveling with your hoverboard to a new city, state, or country, you need to check with their laws before you take your hoverboard out of the carry bag to ride it. You might want to buy a helmet, as some states like California allow you to ride your hoverboard in pathways and bike lanes, but you cannot ride it without a helmet.

–        Lesson #7:  The Hoverboards You Can Ride Outdoors

If you want to ride your hoverboard outdoors, buy an all-terrain hoverboard. All-terrain hoverboards such as the GT8 Hoverboard 8.5-inch All-Terrain LG by GT Hover, T6 Off-Road Hoverboard by Swagtron, and HBX-AT Hoverboard by HoverboardX.

Most all-terrain hoverboards have large wheels or tires, allowing you to ride your hoverboard on a variety of different surfaces — gravel, sand, uneven, and more. You should never ride electric hoverboards in the rain. You can, however, ride your hoverboard when there is little water pooled on the road. If it raining cats and dogs, sing the nursery rhyme, “Rain, rain, go away!”

–        Lesson #8:  Get Hoverboards for Your Kids

hoverboard buying tips

Is your child after your life about wanting a hoverboard? If they are, you can buy them a hoverboard, as they are perfectly safe for them to ride. In fact, top brands design hoverboard made especially for kids.

These hoverboards have small tires or wheels and offer different riding modes — beginner, standard, and advanced. Moreover, some hoverboards even allow you to set the speed. If your child does not know how to ride a hoverboard, you should buy them a kid-friendly model or one that comes with three learning modes.

–        Lesson #9:  Be a Confident Rider

Even though you are dying to ride a hoverboard, you have not bought one yet due to your fear of riding it. You can let go of your fear by being more confident. You need to be a confident rider. Be prepared to all off the hoverboard a few times before you get the hang of it. Do not practice riding your hoverboard outdoor, but indoors on a soft surface. Ensure you practice in a spacious room.

To prevent falling down, you can ride a smart-balancing hoverboard. The hoverboard’s smart-balancing technology reduces the risk of falling. Once you get the hang of it, you will have a blast riding your hoverboard. Try not to be scared though. If you are scared, you will never become a successful hoverboard rider and will feel bad when you see all your friends riding it with ease and without fear.

–        Lesson #10:  Safety is Key

hoverboard buying tips

Apart from buying UL 2272 certified for safety hoverboards, you also need to take safety measures. Do not talk or text on your mobile phone. Wear protective gear such as a helmet, kneepad, and elbow pad. Wear long pants and a long sleeved shirt. Never overcharge your hoverboard. Never use another hoverboard’s charger to charge your hoverboard. If you want to be safe, you must take certain safety measures to ensure you do not fall from it or cause it to malfunction due to your own negligence.

–        Lesson #11:  Watch Videos to Learn the Ropes

Do you want to become an experienced hoverboard rider? Are you dying to ride your hoverboard on standard or advanced riding mode? If you are, you need to watch videos to learn to improve your hoverboard riding technique. You can find several different videos on YouTube.

You can perfect your technique and even learn some tricks.Before you can learn some neat hoverboard tricks, you need to learn how to control your hoverboard. If you want, you can create videos of helping others learn how to ride a hoverboard successfully.

–        Lesson #12:  Never Give Up

hoverboard buying tips

If you think you will give up, wave the white flag, and surrender, there is no point spending money on a hoverboard if you are going to go in with this thinking. If you give up on riding a hoverboard after a few unsuccessful tries, it will be a waste of your money as well as your parents’ hard-sought earnings. It is okay to fall down from the hoverboard several times. What matters is that you get up after each fall, more determined than ever before to learn how to ride a hoverboard.

–        Lesson #13:  Never Compare

You should always buy a hoverboard you can afford. Do not buy a hoverboard to impress others or compete with others. They might have a pricier hoverboard, but you might be a better rider. The same goes in the stance you are a slow learner and your friend is a fast learner.

It might take you weeks or months to learn how to ride a hoverboard, but in the end, you will learn it. Dedicate your free time to learn how to ride one. Before you know it, you will be riding your hoverboard like a pro! Always remember, everyone rides a hoverboard on their own pace.

–        Lesson #14: Speed is Not Your Friend

Speed is not your friend, especially if you are beginner. You might want to go as fast as your friends, but it is not a good idea if you do not how to balance yourself on a hoverboard yet. You might hurt yourself or damage your hoverboard if you try to speed down the street on your hoverboard. In the beginning, try to go slow, and gradually, increase your speed.

–        Lesson #15:  Never DIY Fix Your Hoverboard

If your hoverboard malfunctions, do not try to fix it yourself. A hoverboard is not a car or a motorcycle. Its mechanics are more complex. It consists of circuits and if you dissemble it, you might cause permanent damage to your hoverboard or one that will take you a lot of money to fix. It is better to take it to someone who knows the ins and outs of fixing a hoverboard than attempt it yourself.

–        Lesson #16:  Investigate the Return Policy

hoverboard buying tips

If you buy your hoverboard from a reputable manufacturer, they will give you a 30 day return policy. If you buy a hoverboard from a lesser known brand, you might not get a return policy. For this reason, always buy a hoverboard from a well-known brand, as they will give you a sound return policy. Some even offer customers a one-year warranty so look into that as well.

–        Lesson #17:  Inspect the Battery

Do not make the mistake of buying a hoverboard with a battery that does not last. You want to buy a hoverboard with a premium quality battery. The battery in the hoverboard should last you at least 10 to 12 miles per hour on single charge. It should not take several hours to charge either.

For instance, battery that takes two in a half hours to charge is not a good investment, particularly for people who want to use their hoverboard as their main transportation such as to travel back and forth from work or school.

–        Lesson #18:  The Size of the Wheels Matter

If you plan to ride your hoverboard only indoors, you can buy a hoverboard with any wheel size. If you plan to ride your hoverboard outdoors as well, wheel size matters a great deal. Outside, you will come across bumps, cracks, and uneven surfaces. Therefore, opt for a hoverboard with all-terrain, large wheels or tires, not small ones. The bigger the wheels are, the better they are equipped to handle the outdoors.

–        Lesson #19:  Ensure Hoverboards Are Compatible with Accessories and Parts

In the event a part or accessory malfunctions on your hoverboard, you will not be able to replace it because no part on the market will be compatible with it. Hence, it is important you buy a hoverboard that is compatible with accessories and parts such as hoverkarts.

Perform research or ask the vendor to determine if the parts for your hoverboard are easily available on the market in case one of them malfunctions. You should also ask the seller if they can provide you with a replacement part for your hoverboard. If the part is not available on the market and the vendor can also not provide it to you, it is better not to buy that hoverboard.

–        Lesson #20:  The Motor Matters

The motor is responsible for providing you with too little or too much torque. If you have a small hoverboard, it will have a small motor. If you have a big hoverboard, it will have a big motor. For instance, hoverboards sporting 6.5 inch wheels have a 500 watt motor whereas hoverboards sporting 10 inch wheels have a 700 watt motor.

Time to Ride It!

hoverboard buying tips

Once you settle on a hoverboard to buy, place your order and wait for the online retailer to deliver it to your home. When you receive your hoverboard, open the packaging to take out your hoverboard. The first time you get on the hoverboard, you will be a little nervous. If you are wearing the right equipment, do not worry falling and hurting yourself.

Place your feet on the footpad to stabilize yourself on the hoverboard. Once you manage to have a good, solid grip on the hoverboard, you can start to ride it. To steer the hoverboard, you only need to use your legs. If you have watched several videos to learn how to ride a hoverboard, it is time to put your knowledge to work.

If you know someone who is an expert at riding a hoverboard, recruit them to help you learn. They can instruct you on how to get on the hoverboard and steer it. After a few weeks and months, depending on how much time you put aside to practice riding your hoverboard, you will find yourself being more comfortable on it.

If you want, you can even accessorize your hoverboard or decorate it. You can personalize your hoverboard using rhinestones, spray paints, stickers, tape, and more. You can even buy vinyl skins for your hoverboard. Later, you can learn a few easy tricks to impress your friends and family.

In short, riding a hoverboard is fun. You will have a blast riding your hoverboard down the street or in your house. In the beginning, you will struggle to ride a hoverboard, falling down several times, but with time, you will get the hang of riding a hoverboard.

Once you get the hang of riding a hoverboard, you will always enjoy riding it. If you are allowed, you can ride your hoverboard to the grocery store. You can ride your hoverboard at theme parks or malls. Just make sure the venues allow you to ride your hoverboard.

If they do, you will never have to walk again. If you have to walk, you can place your hoverboard in a carry bag. Some hoverboards come with a carry bag and for those that don’t, you should invest in one. A carry bag will not just help you commute with your hoverboard, but will also protect your hoverboard from damage caused by dirt, dust, and accidental water spills.

If you have small children in the house, store your hoverboard in the carry bag and put it away. Go ahead and buy your first hoverboard and go for a joy ride. These lessons will help you make a good decision and you can pass them on to others who are new to hoverboard riding.