Ever since hoverboards came on the market, videos of people doing awesome and impressive tricks on it have blown up. The videos are everywhere! Go to YouTube and type “Hoverboard Tricks” and you will come across several mind-blowing tricks.

Do you wish to learn hoverboard tricks and blow people’s mind away?

You can perform a variety of hoverboard tricks. Now, you do not have to master the hardest tricks straight away. Start small. Learn to perform easy tricks before you make your way to the big leagues. Nail down the easy hoverboard tricks first before you attempt to the hard hoverboard tricks.

Gradually, you will make your way up there. For now, you can admire the difficult hoverboard tricks and go “wow” and study how to perform easy hoverboard tricks. Keep in mind, even the easiest tricks take time to master.

Take our advice:  Do not give up easily! Don’t be a quitter. Be a winner!

Enough of the motivational pep talk because it is time to tell you about the best and easiest hoverboard tricks to perform. Practice learning and performing the following hoverboard tricks:

1.    The Stork

We hope you have perfected maintaining your balance on your hoverboard or you have bought one of those self-balancing hoverboards. We are going to assume you are a beginner. If you are, you need to become comfortable at performing the basic hoverboard actions.

To perform this hoverboard trick, place one foot on one side of the hoverboard. Your foot needs to rest on the hoverboard’s bumper. You are going to begin to spin slightly, but do not freak out. Keep your composure and do not lose control.

Gently, take one foot off the hoverboard. You need to maintain this stance. You will need to keep yourself afloat for a few seconds. When you get the hang of performing this hoverboard trick, you can remain afloat for far longer. For now, try performing this trick in intervals for a few seconds.

2.    The Magic Carpet

If you saw the movie “Aladdin,” you are familiar with the magic carpet, one that flies him and his friends around. Let’s just say the hoverboard is a modern version of the magic carpet. Therefore, we call this hoverboard trick the magic carpet.

Even though you will not be literally flying — don’t worry, one day we’ll get there also — it will feel as if you are flying high. For this hoverboard trick, you need to place your shins on top of your board’s footpads. Keep your feet flat behind you and lean forward slightly until you can balance on your knees.

Balancing on your knees is not an easy task on a hoverboard and you will need to try balancing on your knees several times or else you will not be able to fly on your board. Once you can balance on your knees, it is time for the hard part — lifting your feet off the ground.

You need to perform this move in a spacious area with nothing breakable or fragile nearby. You will be falling off your hoverboard several times before you can successfully fly the magic carpet.

3.    Bounceback

The bounceback is one of the easiest hoverboard tricks to learn and perform. You need to move forward then jump backward quickly while moving one foot in both directions. You will not find this hoverboard trick difficult to perform, especially if you have perfected your balance on your hoverboard.

4.    Sitting Spin

The sitting spin is a hoverboard trick that was especially invented for lazy people. What’s ironic is that even though this trick is performed sitting down, it requires a lot of practice to maintain your balance in the sitting position.

Lazy people wanting to master this trick will need to put in a lot of effort, but hey, it will be worth it. Begin by sitting down on the hoverboard lengthways with your bottom placed on the footpads and your feet on the wheel.

To perform this hoverboard trick, tilt sideways. When you tilt, your hoverboard will begin to spin. Remember to hold your knees as you spin to prevent yourself from losing your balance and falling off the hoverboard. You also need to practice this hoverboard trick in an open space.

5.    Swirl

The swirl is one of the coolest and most impressive hoverboard tricks to perform. If you nail the swirl, you will leave people amazed and astounded with your awesomeness. To perform this hoverboard trick, you need to take one of your feet off the hoverboard, putting it behind your floor while moving your hand on the same side as your foot on the wheel cover of the hoverboard.

By resting your hand on the wheel cover of the hoverboard, it will help you maintain your balance as you perform a backward and forward circular motion with your foot. When you start spinning in a circle, you need to take your foot off the ground, pointing it outwards.

6.    Swivel


You might have seen the swivel hoverboard trick in dance videos. If you wish to perform this hoverboard trick, you need to move either backward or forward. To perform this hoverboard trick, shift your weight from one side to another in a figure eight motion.

When you perform this motion, it feel as if your hoverboard is going to turn, but before that can happen, you need to shift your weight one more time. You can practice this hoverboard trick by listening to music. You can shift your weight from side to side with the beat of the music.


7.    Roundabout


Another easy hoverboard trick to perform is the roundabout. This hoverboard trick is extremely easy to perform. You need to crouch down and lean to one side of your hoverboard in a circle. Hold on to your hoverboard’s wheel cover on the same side to stabilize and balance yourself.


8.    On and Off Curbs

On and off curbs is another easy hoverboard trick you can learn. Again, you will only find this trick easy to perform if you have mastered maintaining your balance on your hoverboard. Otherwise, this trick will require more practice to perform successfully than necessary.

If you prefer to ride your hoverboard outdoors, you should learn this hoverboard trick. For this hoverboard trick, you need to keep one wheel of your hoverboard on the road and the other wheel on the curb, thus the name on and off curbs.

9.    The One Sided Spin

The one sided spin is an advance level trick. If you have mastered the stork, you can move on to practice this hoverboard trick. In this trick, you are not putting your feet at one side of the hoverboard to spin around, but you are alternating your feet as you spin.

It will take a few tries until you nail this trick down. You can perform this hoverboard trick in front of your friends and family to leave them impressed and amazed at your ability to effortlessly spin on the hoverboard while you change your feet from one side to the other.

10.  The One Armed Spin

The one armed spin is another advance level trick. This is a challenging hoverboard to learn, but if you are determined to learn this trick, you will become good at it eventually. This trick tests your balance. To perform this hoverboard trick, you need to crouch down on your board.

Swap places with your foot, placing one hand on one of the footpads instead of your foot. For instance, you will exchange your right foot with your right hand and left foot with your left hand. With your hand, you will press down as you lift your feet behind you. In doing so, the hoverboard will begin to spin, thus the name one armed spin. You will be spinning on your hoverboard with one hand on it and one foot off it.

11.  180 Degree Turn

The 180 degree turn, an advance level trick, requires you to rotate your hoverboard. To perform this hoverboard trick, you will rotate your hoverboard as you jump up a few inches in the air. You need to face the front of your hoverboard. After you jump up and rotate the hoverboard, you should be facing backwards.

When you jump up in the air, you need to land on the footpads. Otherwise, this hoverboard trick will not work. To perform this hoverboard, you should know how to perform the basic level hoverboard tricks before you attempt this trick.

12.  360 Degree Turn

If you have successfully mastered the 180 degree turn, next, you should attempt the 360 degree turn. In the 360 degree turn, you return to the same position as you started with. This is a difficult hoverboard trick to learn, but it is not impossible to learn.

Once you can turn on your hoverboard, you can try this hoverboard trick. You need to perform this trick on a long and flat street and start going forward. Shift your weight to make a turn, but without stopping your hoverboard. This will enable you to make a complete 360 degree turn.

13.  Lean Back

The lean back hoverboard trick adds to the 360 degree turn. It gives you speed and makes it easier for you to execute more than one rotation of the hoverboard. To perform the lean back, you need on your hoverboard and turn the same way you would turn in the 360 degree turn.

With the only exception being that this time you are bending your leg as you turn and placing the leg straight out to the outside so that you are leaning as you spin on your hoverboard. In short, your leg corresponds to your foot that is pushing outwards to execute the hoverboard trick.

When you get good at performing this hoverboard trick, you will be able to rotate more than once. You will pick up speed with this hoverboard so try not to panic if you find yourself gliding down the road fast. Just focus on the trick to perform more than one rotation.

14.  The One Eighty Jump Spin

The one eighty jump spin an expert level trick, but you have mastered all the one above, this will seem a like a piece of cake to you. You need to perform this trick in a safe environment to prevent injury and damage to the surrounding area.

You should practice this hoverboard trick in the presence of your family and friends so if you require assistance, they will be there to help you in case you injure yourself. To perform this hoverboard trick, you need get on your hoverboard.

Relax your body and muscles. Even though relaxing your body and muscles the first few times you perform this hoverboard trick will not be an easy task, as you will be tensed, but you can try. Next, bend your knees and twist your feet.

In doing so, this will make your hoverboard spin. As the hoverboard spins, you need to jump up in the air. A small jump in the air, not a big one, as you need to stabilize your landing before you begin to jump higher off the hoverboard.

You will know you have mastered this hoverboard trick if your hoverboard begins to spin 180 degrees. When you jump up, you need to make a smooth landing with your feet landing on the footpad. If you want to succeed at performing this trick, you need patience and effort.

15.  The Tootsie Roll

The tootsie roll is an expert level trick. For this hoverboard trick, you cannot rely on just balance alone to perform it. Personal discretion and timing are key factors in this hoverboard trick. You need to perform this hoverboard trick in the presence of your friends and family in the event you hurt yourself.

Ensure the area you are practicing this hoverboard trick is free of clutter and fragile items. To perform this hoverboard trick, quickly glide forward on your hoverboard. Now, hop backward off your hoverboard. This will cause the hoverboard to roll over.

Allow the hoverboard to roll away from you until the footpads are facing upwards. Next, jump back on the hoverboard. You will need to perform this several times before you can pull it off. You might injure yourself, but don’t worry, just a few scratches and bruises here and there.

As long as you practice this hoverboard trick in the company of people and in a hazard-free environment, you will not hurt yourself too bad.

16.  The Handstand

The handstand is another expert level hoverboard trick. If you have managed to perform the one eighty jump spin, the handstand should be next on your list to perform. The one eighty jump spin is a perquisite to the handstand. If you have not mastered the one eighty jump spin, you will not be able to perform the handstand.

To perform the handstand, you require excellent balance and coordination. Do you know how to perform a handstand? You place your hands on the floor to stand up straight in the air. You will be doing the same thing, except this time, on the hoverboard.

Put your hands on the footpads of the hoverboard to perform this trick. Before you attempt the handstand on the hoverboard, you should attempt performing a handstand a few times on the floor to get a hang of it.

If you do not know how to perform a handstand, you will have a difficult time performing this trick. First, learn to perform the handstand on the floor before you attempt it on the hoverboard.

Will Performing Hoverboard Tricks Damage Your Hoverboard?

If you have bought a cheap hoverboard with poor quality batteries, your hoverboard may catch on fire caused by the faulty batteries exploding or becoming extremely hot. If you want to practice performing all these incredible hoverboard tricks, you need to invest in a hoverboard that meets the UL 2272 safety requirements.

Buying the cheapest hoverboard on the market is not always a good option, as it can be a knock-off, made of cheap and low quality parts and material. When you are searching for a reliable hoverboard to learn and show off these amazing hoverboard tricks, you need to conduct research to find a hoverboard from a well-known and popular brand, known for designing premium quality hoverboards.

If you buy older models of hoverboards, you might find them inexpensive, but still high quality. It is also a good idea to buy a hoverboard that comes with a one year warranty in case your hoverboard malfunctions.

If you want to practice these tricks to music, you can invest in a hoverboard equipped with Bluetooth. Pair your smart phone with the hoverboard to play your tunes as you practice these awesome tricks. If you want to play more safe while you are practicing these hoverboard tricks, you can wear protective gear such as a helmet, gloves, elbow pads, and knee pads or you can practice on a soft surface such as grass.

Safety Tips to Follow While Riding Your Hoverboard and Performing Tricks

Apart from wearing protective gear, here is a list of other safety tips you need to follow when riding your hoverboard and performing tricks:

Not everyone can ride a hoverboard. Small children should not ride hoverboards meant for adults and vice versa as it can cause an injury or damage the hoverboard. Elderly people — no matter how youthful they are at their age — should avoid riding a hoverboard.

They have fragile bones and they can easily fall down from the hoverboard, causing an injury. Moreover, every hoverboard states it can support a certain weight. You should always select a hoverboard that can support your weight.

Don’t ride your hoverboard in crowded areas. You should not ride your hoverboard in crowded areas. If you still have not gotten the hang of riding a hoverboard, your chances of falling or running into someone else are high. You do not want to injure yourself or others. Only ride in public and in crowded areas when you can maintain your balance and have been riding a hoverboard for some time. The same goes for showing off your tricks on the hoverboard. You only want to show off the tricks in public when you have completely mastered them, not before. You risk making a fool of yourself and injuring yourself and others.

Do not use your smart phone. You use your smart phone to call, text, browse the internet, or listen to music. If you have not fully mastered riding the hoverboard, you should not listen to music. Even though most hoverboards come with Bluetooth speakers and a remote control to help you listen to music and control and monitor other features via your smart phone, you should avoid it until you can do it safely.

However, you should avoid using your smart phone to text, make calls, and browse the interest, as it can cause you to become distracted and crash your hoverboard. Be careful and hover.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you are an experienced skateboarder, you will not find it difficult to ride your hoverboard or master the tricks mentioned here. If you are not an experienced skateboarder, but aspire to learn these hoverboard tricks, you need to practice as much as you can without giving up.

It might take you several months to master some of these hoverboard tricks, but if you are determined to learn, you will master each trick. Most importantly, do not compete with your friends or family members who have already perfected nailing down these hoverboard tricks. They may have been riding hoverboards longer than you have.

Everyone learns at a different pace. So practice each day. Start with practicing the easy tricks first and then move on to practicing the advanced and expert level hoverboard tricks. Before you know it, you will be showing off your hoverboard skills to a crowd, applauding your killer moves!