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Buying a Hoverboard :- Things to keep in mind

Buying a Hoverboard - The demand for the Segway, also commonly referred to as a hoverboard has spiked in recent times. This has lead to many folks, who were still on the fence, starting to contemplate on getting a segway or hoverboard this time around. The popularity of the hoverboard has caused it to remain

Buying a Hoverboard :- Things to keep in mind2020-06-02T20:20:10+05:30

Best Segway Hoverboards one can Buy

Do you know the difference between a Segway and hoverboard? Unfortunately, most of us do not have the slightest clue on the difference between the two. We just stand on them and ride, right? Yes, but there is a clear difference we need to know. Both have become popular methods of transportation, but out of

Best Segway Hoverboards one can Buy2020-06-02T14:10:17+05:30

Must Read Before Gifting Hoverboard

A hoverboard is an excellent gift to anyone. Whenever you give a gift to someone you are hoping to get a good reaction. You want to be happy and excited about the gift you gave them. You want to give them something that really makes their day better. Judging by these perimeters hoverboards are one

Must Read Before Gifting Hoverboard2020-06-04T13:57:14+05:30

Best All Terrain Hoverboards

Before, you could only ride hoverboards on the roads, but now, you can ride them on all types of terrain. The introduction of the all-terrain hoverboards is thanks to the numerous modifications, adjustments, and additions hoverboards went through. You can safely ride hoverboards on wet, uneven, hilly, and rocky terrains. The best all-terrain hoverboards are

Best All Terrain Hoverboards2020-06-01T16:02:27+05:30

Hoverboards For Kids With Certification

The New York Post published news about the Consumer Product Safety Commission undertaking an investigation of hoverboard related incidents occurring in nine states in 2015. The findings of the investigation discovered that batteries as the primary cause for hoverboards catching on fire. Most of the fires occurred while the user was charging the hoverboard’s battery.

Hoverboards For Kids With Certification2020-06-01T16:12:02+05:30

Types of Hoverboards Available Right Now

The market for hoverboards keeps growing with each passing year. Manufacturers keep feeding on people’s need for high-tech and innovative hoverboards. A search for hoverboards will reveal several kinds of hoverboards — each one with its own unique feature and quality. So how do you decide between different types of hoverboards available? When you search

Types of Hoverboards Available Right Now2020-06-04T13:38:37+05:30

Myths About Hoverboards –

Despite the fact that hoverboards have been around for quite some time, there are some myths regarding them which can make one apprehensive about getting their own Hoverboard. As is the case with myths, they can quickly become a primary source of misinformation and tend to give rise to a lot of prejudices. With the

Myths About Hoverboards – Hoverboard.live2020-06-01T16:15:56+05:30

Positives of Becoming a Hoverboard Dealer..

Thinking about getting into the hoverboard business? It is easy to see why so many people are interested in such a proposition. Hoverboards seem to be everywhere these days, and a smart businessperson known to strike when the iron is hot. If you are thinking about getting into the business there are many things you

Positives of Becoming a Hoverboard Dealer..2020-06-01T16:22:03+05:30

Top 17 Hoverboard Safety Tips

One thing which every new hoverboard owner is afraid of is falling down. While there isn’t really that much of a danger of falling down, it just seems dangerous to freely stand on a hoverboard as it zooms around. If you want to use your hoverboard but want to be fully safe. Or if you

Top 17 Hoverboard Safety Tips2020-06-01T16:25:49+05:30