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Hoverboard Maintenance

Buying a Hoverboard :- Things to keep in mind

Buying a Hoverboard - The demand for the Segway, also commonly referred to as a hoverboard has spiked in recent times. This has lead to many folks, who were still on the fence, starting to contemplate on getting a segway or hoverboard this time around. The popularity of the hoverboard has caused it to remain

Buying a Hoverboard :- Things to keep in mind2020-06-02T20:20:10+05:30

Top 17 Hoverboard Safety Tips

One thing which every new hoverboard owner is afraid of is falling down. While there isn’t really that much of a danger of falling down, it just seems dangerous to freely stand on a hoverboard as it zooms around. If you want to use your hoverboard but want to be fully safe. Or if you

Top 17 Hoverboard Safety Tips2020-06-01T16:25:49+05:30

How You Should Take Care of Your Hoverboard During Winter

In 2016, hoverboards were the top pick for gifts during the holiday season. Just like the self-balancing electric scooter, hoverboards have also garnered much fan following. Many celebrities and prominent people such as Barack Obama and John Legend have tried their hand at riding the hoverboard, aka segway. Hoverboards have been designed to be durable,

How You Should Take Care of Your Hoverboard During Winter2020-06-01T16:34:17+05:30

How to Customise Your Hoverboard..?

Your hoverboard should convey your personality and your sense of style. When others see you riding your hoverboard, they should see a little of you in it. Your hoverboard should highlight your personality and stand out from conventional designs. Make the hoverboard truly yours by customizing your hoverboard. There is a variety of ways in

How to Customise Your Hoverboard..?2020-06-01T16:35:51+05:30

Hoverboard Battery – What You Need to Know?

If you couldn’t care less about the subtleties of toe control required to operate a skateboard, or a scotty, then the hoverboard should be right up your alley. Even though hoverboards have been the topic of many a debate regarding what to call it, after all, the hoverboard does not even attempt to fulfill its

Hoverboard Battery – What You Need to Know?2020-06-01T16:39:55+05:30