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Let’s get one thing straight. All those who think that the hoverboard or self-balancing scooter was built for kids, are flat out wrong. In fact, the hoverboard was created for people of all ages to use as a fun way to get from point A to point B. Its versatility is one of the reasons behind the popularity of the hoverboard in recent years, and this trend is unlikely to stop any time soon. Nowadays, the hoverboards are literally flying off department store shelves; which goes to show the popularity of this handy gizmo.

So, now that we’ve got that out of the way, here we are going to talk about the reasons why adults should consider getting themselves a hoverboard, if they haven’t already got one, along with other information all those who want to buy a hoverboard will find useful. Before we can get to the reasons why you should own a hoverboard if you’re an adult, let’s first take a quick look at what is a hoverboard.

What is a Hoverboard?

Hoverboard are technically known as self-riding scooters. Now, you’re right to think that there’s a big difference between a scooter and a hoverboard, and there’s a story behind this. The hoverboard was designed back in 2015. This year also coincided with the famous cult classic movie ‘Back to the Future’, in which Marty McFly, a character played famously by Michael J. Fox, travelled to the future and was seen riding at one point in the film, a hoverboard. And yes, the year portrayed in the movie was 2015!

So, you could expect the excitement of movie fans and tech enthusiasts. Just a few months earlier, Nike introduced its self-tying shoes, another prop in the Back to the Future movie that captured the imagination of audiences. Since it’s all about timing when it comes to marketing, the company behind the self-riding scooter was smart to use the name ‘hoverboard’ to market its new and futuristic product, and the rest as they say, is history.

Hoverboards are extremely easy to use once you’ve got the hang of it. All you have to do is step on the two footpads that are pressure-sensitive. The tiny sensors that are placed in the footpads are able to sense when a person is leaning forward or backward while on the hoverboard. To start moving, all the person has to do is lean forward. Since there’s no handle to stand steady and in one place, figuring out how to balance properly is the first challenge that all hoverboard users have to deal with.

But, once you’ve gotten used to balancing on the hoverboard, maneuvering around should be second nature. Granted, the hoverboards do not levitate as in the movie ‘Back to the Future 2’, it is still pretty fun to ride on for both adults and children.

Once you figure out how to move while on the hoverboard, you can easily turn, and move seamlessly, making the hoverboard feel like an extension of oneself. The best part of using a hoverboard is that it does not require any manual stimulation like a kick scooter or a skateboard, making them a great way to move around without having to take a single step.

Reasons to Buy a Hoverboard

It is without a doubt that hoverboards are an almost futuristic looking creation that piques the interest of most people. As the popularity of hoverboards continues to grow amongst children, here are some of the reasons why even adults should consider getting themselves a hoverboard.

Ease of Use

One of the reasons why adults should consider getting themselves a hoverboard if they haven’t already is because a hoverboard is extremely easy to use. Getting on and off a hoverboard is pretty simple. After you’ve turned on the hoverboard, step on the foot pad using your dominant foot first, followed by your non-dominant foot. Once both feet are on the hoverboard, place your feet as close as you can to the wheels.

This will help you balance while maneuvering your hoverboard. It’s important to stay relaxed while on the hoverboard or else you’ll end up horizontal on the floor. If you don’t trust your balance just yet, use a table or a friend for support. The hoverboard is easier to learn on hard surfaces such as the kitchen or any other hard or concrete surface. Once, you are confident in your ability to stay balanced on the hoverboard you can start going outside.


One of the reasons why hoverboards are liked by kids is that they are lightweight. This makes it easier for a person to maneuver the hoverboard while turning corners. But, the hoverboard has a lot more going on for it. A hoverboard is not only light but portable as well, making them easy to carry around or store away when not in use. Since a hoverboard usually weighs just a few pounds, they aren’t a hassle to take with on trips, or store once you’re done riding them. It’s not unheard of for users to take their hoverboards along with them during road trips.

Futuristic Design

Another attraction of the hoverboard is quite understandably its futuristic design. While the hoverboard may not be able to hover a few inches off the ground as it was portrayed in the movie, the futuristic design of the hoverboard does make it an attention grabber. That’s why regardless of where the hoverboard is seen, on the road or at a college campus, it almost always turns heads. Besides, the hoverboard was born out of a sci-fi movie, which is the reason behind its futuristic design. It also happens to be the closest thing we will see to the hoverboard of Back to the Future. So, until then, those who want to ride on something futuristic in reality can do that with a hoverboard (until they figure out how to make them fly!).

Get Jiggy with it

Although the hoverboard is mostly marketed as a toy for kids, or something to get around in for those who don’t like to walk much, turns out, there are some other hidden functions to the hoverboard that were apparently not known of before. According to some reports, couples have been spotted having ‘hover-sex’ on their hoverboards. Meanwhile, let’s get on with the list.

Cut Down on Fuel Costs

The price of gas is going through the roof. While living in an economy that’s unpredictable, especially since this past year, it would be wise to start saving money. One of the easiest ways in which you can do that is by investing in a hoverboard that can get you from one place to the next with ease and more importantly, without you having to make the stop at the gas station. Since a hoverboard works on electricity and can go for miles on a single charge, you will end up saving hundreds of dollars every month just by making a small investment in a hoverboard.

While there was a once a question mark on the efficiency of hoverboards when they were first released, the newest hoverboards are quite good in efficiency and can go for up to 17 miles on a single charge. Besides that, it only takes a couple of hours to charge a hoverboard so you won’t be plugging it in for the rest of the night as you would an electric car. Just don’t take the interstate when going to work!

Eco-Friendly Way to Travel

While high fuel costs are reason enough to start using a hoverboard, another area of concern for many people is the environment. We all know that the earth is warming up and that there’s nothing fake about climate change. While many folks are making the switch from traditional fuel and coal to solar and wind power to get their electricity, making good use of a hoverboard is another way of doing your part to save the environment. Besides, we all have a responsibility towards the current and future generations when it comes to seeking out sustainable power sources, and the best way of doing that is by using a hoverboard.

The reason why a hoverboard is considered to be an environmentally friendly mode of transportation is that it uses electricity as a power source. It does not emit any dangerous gases into the atmosphere unlike other vehicles and it does not have to be plugged on for hours to charge before it can be used. Out of all the reasons why adults should consider getting themselves a good quality hoverboard, this is probably one of the most fulfilling reasons to own one.

A Safe Way to Travel

Contrary to popular belief, using a hoverboard is extremely safe once you’ve learned how to balance and maneuver on it. While there were some reports of hoverboards exploding in the past due to faulty battery packs, that’s all a thing of the past now. The reason why some hoverboards were malfunctioning in the past was due to the surprisingly high demand for the product. Once the hoverboard was initially launched, its sales went through the roof. To bank on the popularity of the hoverboard, many Chinese manufacturers reverse engineered the hoverboard and started to mass produce them to compete with the high demand.

The result was a lot of hoverboards were fitted with faulty battery packs which led to some of the hoverboards malfunctioning, and in some cases, catching fire. But, as said earlier, that’s all in the past since new laws and regulations have been introduced, making sure that all manufacturers build their hoverboards using the same safety features as the well-known hoverboard manufacturers. So, there’s really no reason to worry about buying a hoverboard with faulty parts. To stay safe, as a rule of thumb, you should always purchase hoverboards from a well-known brand to make sure you get the best in quality and efficiency.

Another tip to make sure you are getting the best hoverboard available is by making sure the hoverboard has been UL-certified. The good news is that all hoverboards that have been manufactured after 2017 must have a UL-certification ensuring that the proper safety measures were taken during their design, and that the hoverboard meets the new rules and regulations that have been set that all manufacturers need to follow when designing their hoverboards.

Learning Something New is Fun

Think of it this way, you only live once. So, why not learn as much as you can. This includes learning a new skill. Besides, getting out of your comfort zone is something that many people prefer not to do, but you will find that once you do, you will end up learning new capabilities you never knew you had. Purchasing a hoverboard is one way of doing that since it helps you tap into your hidden skills that were dormant until then. In this way, hoverboards are not only a smart investment for youngsters, but also adults as well who want to get in touch with their adventurous side.

Hoverboards are especially good for those adults who are constantly on the lookout for new challenges to explore and conquer. While learning how to ride a hoverboard might take a few days or a week, once you do learn how to balance yourself and maneuver on a hoverboard, you are definitely going to cherish every moment of the experience, because that’s just how exciting it is to explore the outdoors on a hoverboard.

Appeals to the Whole Family

Face it, there are very few things that you can enjoy along with the whole family (except maybe for Monopoly!). The hoverboard is one such device that you can purchase knowing that it will be fun not only for you but for the rest of the family. Since hoverboards are a hit with adults and kids alike, you can rest assured that you will be spending lots of quality time with your hoverboard and the family. Besides, the hectic lifestyle that we live in makes it difficult to spend some quality time with the kids. Purchasing a hoverboard is the perfect way to get yourself and the kids motivated while taking part in a fun activity together.

Regardless of your skill level, once you get the knack of balancing on the hoverboard you can take it outdoors and spend hours having fun with the kids. The great news about owning a hoverboard is that there’s a very short learning curve so even if you don’t know how to balance a cycle or a skateboard, it will only take a few tries to get the hang of maneuvering on a hoverboard. It’s just that simple!

Hoverboards are Loads of Fun

As mentioned previously, hoverboards are lots of fun regardless of your age. Since learning how to ride a hoverboard is simple, you won’t be spending much time learning to balance on the hoverboard. Using a hoverboard doesn’t come with the risk of seriously hurting yourself as is the case with motorcycles, skateboards or roller blades. There’s no risk of getting hurt in traffic or ramming into a bus because you won’t be using it on the road. As long as you learn how to balance yourself on the hoverboard you are going to be fine.

This makes it a fun and easy way to have some ‘me time’ to shake off all the stress of a hectic lifestyle. The hoverboard can also be used as a means to unwind after a rough day at work. Regardless of how you want to use your hoverboard, you are sure to have fun, which is one of the reasons why getting a hoverboard is a wise investment for adults.

Make Up for Lost Time

When you were growing up, chances are you didn’t have a chance to use something like a hoverboard, that’s because hoverboards didn’t exist back then. There are many reasons why adults and even seniors feel left out when it comes to technology. This is mainly due to the fact that much of technology has grown and evolved to become what it is today.

While every parent would love nothing more than to give their kids something futuristic such as a hoverboard to play with, this is a chance for parents to get a taste of the futuristic technology that they weren’t able to when they were kids. The hoverboard is by far the coolest new technologies around, and definitely worth the investment. Besides, there have been many parents who have bought the hoverboard for their kids and have found that they enjoy riding the hoverboard just as much as their kids do. So, it’s a win-win situation for you and your kids.

Ending Note

Here’s a quick one to roll off with. Another reason why those adults who are still on the fence about whether or not to get themselves a hoverboard should take advantage of the fact that hoverboards are no longer expensive. You can easily get a brand new hoverboard from one of the top manufacturers in a few hundred dollars, without having to compromise on quality. As far as the advantages go of owning a hoverboard, the investment is definitely going to be worth it. If you take care of your hoverboard, it can last you for years.