So, do you want to jump on the hoverboard bandwagon, and find one that is perfect for you? Searching for a reliable hoverboard these days can be difficult, because you need to consider factors such as safety, features, and price. Most people don’t have a good idea about the best hoverboards to buy on the market, and when it comes to electric hoverboards, you better get it right. Thankfully for you, there are plenty of great options out in the market.

We understand how difficult it can be to shop for a hoverboard on the market, so we have done all the hard work for you, by identifying the latest self-balancing scooters. Now you won’t have to go anywhere, since this article will cover everything about hoverboards. It will include the basics of what hoverboards are designed to do, what are the best hoverboards on the market, and which hoverboards are going to offer the best value for money.

Before we begin our search to unearth the best electric hoverboards on the market, it is important that we discuss something about them. They may be called hoverboards, but they don’t hover, and hence are also called self-balancing scooters. They are still called hoverboards, because the name just stuck, and nowadays they are known as Segway, or smart balance wheel.

What is a Hoverboard?

You should know what a hoverboard is before you go ahead and purchase it. The hoverboard is a two-wheel electrical gadget that has internal gyroscopes, which detect movement of the user in any direction. This allows the user to lean in any direction, and the electric motor of the hoverboard activates; moving in that direction.

This ingenious gadget has captured the imagination of an entire generation, and people have been going mad about purchasing them. It is incredibly popular, and even celebrities have started promoting them, by purchasing hoverboards and uploading their own videos on social media. There has been a drop in the hype surrounding hoverboards, especially after there were reports emerging in the media that some hoverboards were malfunctioning and catching fire!

Are Hoverboards Safe Now?

Hoverboards are an incredible gadget and sound like a lot of fun, but they were deemed unsafe when some of them started malfunctioning and catching fire. The reason for that was the battery of the electric hoverboard, which was heating and bursting into flame. The battery used is Li-ion battery, which is the same battery type used in smart phones. You must remember the famous Samsung Note 7 exploding and catching fire, in the same manner!

The Li-ion battery is incredibly powerful, but it is also sometimes unstable, and there are times when during excessive use, the battery may catch on fire. The creators of the hoverboards hadn’t accounted for the gadget to catch on fire, so when the first couple of cases where reported, they weren’t prepared to deal with the fallout. It was due to various factors like low quality components, and poor manufacturing that led to hoverboards catching on fire.

Why is this a big deal?

It is a big deal because hoverboards were marketed as the next mode of transportation that was going to be used by millennials. It was going to change the way people travel, but due to the unstable nature of the battery, the risk of the battery catching on fire was significant. There were lots of cases of hoverboard fires, and the uproar was so great that major retailers completely stopped supporting and selling hoverboards. This was because they didn’t want to be associated with the gadget.

The companies that manufactured these hoverboards then had to save their reputations, and they worked incredibly hard to create safer hoverboards. There were laws passed about how the new hoverboards would be regulated, and must pass inspections before they could be sold on the market.

The difference maker – Underwriters Laboratories

The major difference made in the hoverboard industry was by Underwriters’ Laboratories, which is an organization that tests all kinds of electric equipment. There were laws passed that indicated that UL had to inspect all hoverboards for the resilience, manufacturing, and quality of the components. They had to rigorously test hoverboards in extreme conditions, which meant running different physical stress tests, putting them in high and low temperatures, exposing them to water, monitoring motor overloads, vibrations and drops.

In doing all of that, they ended up creating the UL standard 2272, which oversees hoverboard regulations. Now all hoverboards must meet the regulations, to get a UL 2272 certification, which is only given to hoverboards that clear all tests and are completely safe. As hoverboard review specialists, we have only compiled our reviews of the best electric hoverboards you can buy for hoverboards that have qualified for the UL 2272 certification.

The Best Electric Hoverboards – UL 2272 Certified Hoverboards

The main hoverboard manufacturers, who have qualified for the UL certifications include names like:

  • Swagtron
  • Segway
  • Razor
  • Powerboard
  • Hoverzon

Why buy a hoverboard?

why buy hoverboard

Most people today can’t comprehend the appeal or value of the hoverboard. They don’t know what is the big fuss about hoverboards, since they don’t hover. These gadgets are self-balancing hands-free scooters, which defeats the purpose, and doesn’t match with the name. The hoverboard industry has been working hard to create hoverboards that can fly, but with all the events surrounding hoverboard fires, they don’t want to risk it.

Hoverboards have caused more than $2 million in property damage in the United States since they were launched in 2015, which is quite a large amount. Due to the volatile nature of the battery, most airlines and even college campuses have completely banned the hoverboards. There has been a lot of negative publicity regarding hoverboards, which will dissuade most people from ever purchasing the gadget for themselves or their children.

However, the recent models come with all the safety inspections, and meet the regulated standards that ensure it won’t catch on fire. They are also cool, fun to ride, and since they are self-balancing, you don’t have to worry about falling over. These hoverboards don’t fly, but they can reach speeds of up to 10 mph, and go for around 20 miles on just one charge! So, if you’re looking to purchase an electric hoverboard that doesn’t explode anytime soon, here are the best ones on the market:

Ø Innovation redefined – Swagtron T1

Swagtron T1

Why you should buy this: one of the most innovative hoverboards out right now

Who it’s for: People who want a quality hoverboard at an affordable price.

How much will it cost? $299.00

Why we chose the Swagtron T1:

We are starting off our reviews of the best electric hoverboards you can buy with one of the most innovative ones on the market. We are talking about the Swagtron, which is a company reborn after the previous one, Swagway LLC, failed to meet the UL certifications and started shipping its Segway.

That is all in the past now, as Swagtron have gone on to produce not one but two cutting-edge hoverboards. We are reviewing both, but top of the pile comes the Swagtron T1. It features a Sentry Shield™ system, which is designed to encase the battery in aluminum. This protects the battery from catching fire if the system fails, and there is also a silicone wheel arch scratch protector.

One of the best things we found out about the Swagtron T1 was that it comes with a ‘learning mode’, which makes it easier for new users to understand how it works. It features high-quality components, and is available at a highly affordable price, even though it hasn’t got the best features on the market. The build quality and reliability of this hoverboard, along with an affordable price, make it an excellent choice for all hoverboard enthusiasts.

Ø Bluetooth connectivity – Swagtron T3

Swagtron T3

Why you should buy this: The next generation of hoverboards.

Who it’s for: Fans of the popular Swagtron hoverboard

How much will it cost? $457.48

Why we chose the Swagtron T3:

Coming in next, we would recommend the Swagtron T3, which comes with Bluetooth speakers attached to the hoverboard. It also boasts more speed than the T1, and has a ‘performance mode’, which is designed to make the hoverboard very fast and super responsive. It isn’t rapid by any stretch of the imagination, but is still an impressive machine.

It is designed to impress, and younger people are going to have a blast playing music, and traveling on this hoverboard. It boasts extra power, and is great for hoverboard fans that want a little something extra on their hoverboard.

Ø Reliable and affordable – Hoverzon

Hoverzon hoverboard

Why you should buy this: A good choice if you want an affordable hoverboard.

Who it’s for: People looking for a hoverboard that offers reliability.

How much will it cost? $219.99

Why we chose the Hoverzone:

Hoverzon is a company based in Las Vegas, which is contracted to the manufacturer that is making hoverboards for Swagtron. You can tell that with the similarity of the designs, with the only difference being that it is priced lower. Its most popular hoverboard variants include the Hoverzon XLS and the Hoverzon S, which feature similar designs.

Ø Our top pick – Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Why you should buy this: It’s compact, affordable, and simple to control.

Who it’s for: Anyone and everyone

How much will it cost? $400

Why we chose the Razor Hovertrax 2.0:

If you want a high-quality hoverboard that is designed to provide you with quality, then the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is the one you should go for. This hoverboard features a 6.5-inch wheel hoverboard, which features a new design to stand apart. The design change includes adding rubber guards on top of the wheel arches, which protects the board from scratches.

The addition of the rubber has made the hoverboard more secure, and if you throw in the ‘EverBalance’ technology into the mix, you will find a hoverboard that is easy to ride. This feature ensures that even new hoverboard riders will be able to easily ride and maneuver the Hovertrax 2.0.

Razor designed the Hovertrax to support 220 pounds, and the battery pack it features will turn off automatically once it has fully charged. There isn’t much more that is different, apart from multi-colored LED displays and new paint jobs featured on the Hovertrax 2.0.

Ø The safest hoverboard – Segway MiniPro

Segway MiniPro

Why you should buy this: It’s attractive and unique, with superior battery life and easy-to-master gyroscopic controls.

Who it’s for: Those who prefer a little more support while riding

How much will it cost? $600

Why we chose the Segway MiniPro:

Segway also wanted to get in on the action, because the hoverboard market is one that they plan on dominating. They have lots of experience in creating self-balancing devices for transportation, but made the mistake of letting the trend die down before jumping into the market once again. However, it seems they have learnt from their mistake and have come out with a refined product.

The Segway Minipro hoverboard doesn’t look like your traditional hoverboard, and is more like a unicycle. It has knee support, and is bigger than any other hoverboard featured here. It isn’t cheap though, by any stretch of the imagination! The MiniPro was the first hoverboard to win the prestigious UL 2272 certification, which allowed it to start selling on the market before anyone else.

The hoverboard features 10 inch large wheels, and that allows it to easily handle any kind of terrain, be it gravel, grass, small steps, and even cracks. The MiniPro offers a hands-free device for personal transportation, which makes it stand apart from other hoverboards. The rider can adjust the knee steering bar, which adjusts balance and stability, while you can detach the knee bar for transportation and storage purposes.

Another great thing about the Segway MiniPro is that it can travel over 14 miles on a single charge, and provides you with a safer riding experience than other hoverboards. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to customize the pattern and color of the tail lights featured on your hoverboard. It also has antitheft security, and offers data related to your recent trips, while you can also control it remotely from an app.

Ø The best all-terrain hoverboard – Epikgo Classic

Epikgo Classic

Why you should buy this: It’s rugged, reliable, and built to last.

Who it’s for: Those looking to take their hoverboard off the beaten path.

How much will it cost? $600

Why we chose the Epikgo Classic:

EPIKGO is a newcomer in the market, and it features a brand-new design for hoverboards. The best thing about this new hoverboard is that it is designed for off-roading, which is great for fans that want to take their hoverboards on new adventures. It has got an 8.5-inch wheel system, which is a first in hoverboards, and has solid rubber tires that allow you to easily ride over gravel or grass.

It is better than the MiniPro, since it isn’t bulky, and carries the IP 56 certification, which guarantees water protection for your hoverboard. That doesn’t mean you submerge it underwater; however, it is the perfect hoverboard for taking to the beach. It also features a larger standing platform, which offers you with extra stability on rough terrain, and forces you to widen your stance.

This is the heaviest hoverboard on this list by a long way, standing at 31lbs, which is more than the MiniPro. You must make sure that you have enough battery when going for a spin on this hoverboard, because carrying it back with you is going to be tough. The best thing is that EPIKGO has a battery with fast-charging technology, which allows you to travel 10 to 12 miles on a single 2-hour charge.

That is very impressive, and the self-balancing hoverboard promises to easily navigate any terrain, be it pavement, dirt, or grass. The sturdy design of the hoverboard allows it to roll along at 10mph, which is its maximum speed. This hoverboard can also climb inclines of nearly 15 degrees, and has headlights, which ensure that you won’t lose your footing or fall when riding at night.

It also features an aluminum fender cover, which is indestructible, although it is yet to be tested, and is designed to protect the wheels. It also has a durable ABS chassis, which ensures that the insides of the hoverboard aren’t damaged. There is also a Sport Plus model for the EPIKGO, which has a Bluetooth speaker, which is quite powerful. This is a rugged hoverboard, designed for people who want to take their hoverboard out for a spin on all kinds of terrain.

Ø How we choose our best electric hoverboards

We must release a disclaimer stating that we don’t spend all our waking hours here testing different kinds of hoverboards! We have thoroughly researched all the major types of hoverboards, and read reviews of the most popular ones on the market. This allowed us to compile this list, and our recommendations have been made, considering the best interests of everyone who loves hoverboards.

Whether you agree with our best electric hoverboards list or not, the one factor that you must agree with is that you must only purchase a hoverboard that is certified for the UL 2272. We have therefore, only covered boards that have met with this safety standard, because purchasing any electric hoverboards that don’t meet the basic safety requirements isn’t recommended.

The UL conducts a series of thorough tests that certify hoverboards, and we have compiled a list, to show you exactly how these hoverboards are tested.

NOTE: The following list was taken from the “UL/Safety” tab, which was on the SwagTron T3 Hoverboard site.  All tests are done to find out the safety of the product from flame and electrical failure. The tests aren’t carried out for evaluating rider safety, reliability, or performance. Here are what tests are run on hoverboards before they pass the UL 2272 certification:

  • Water exposer test
  • Vibration test
  • Thermal cycling test (using extreme temperature change to test the device)
  • Temperature test (find out the temperature at which the product fails)
  • Strain relief tests
  • Short circuit test
  • Shock test
  • Overcharge test
  • Over discharge test
  • Motor overload test
  • Motor locked rotor
  • Mold stress test
  • Label performance test (comparison of products with others in the industry)
  • Isolation resistance test (testing the isolation transformer on the product)
  • Imbalanced charging test
  • Drop test
  • Dielectric voltage test
  • Crash test
  • 20mm end-product flame (flame resistant tests)

Alternative options


The above-mentioned hoverboards aren’t the only ones that are available in the market. There are some that we left out, because we only wanted to target the very best electric hoverboards. These hoverboards are also UL-certified, and if you are looking for alternative options, then they don’t get better than the Kiwano KO-X.

It certainly got lots of attention, when it was launched, since it was an all-terrain product. The official website of Kiwano is experiencing trouble right now, and Amazon stocks are nearly finished, so head on over to purchase it quick. If that doesn’t catch your fancy, you should check out the Hoverzon XLS scooter, which boasts the UL 2272 certification, making it a safe choice.

There is also the Jetson V6 hoverboard, which has a different design, along with a dedicated mobile app that helps you manage steering sensitivity, and maximum speed. There are also lots of other hoverboards out there that haven’t qualified for the UL 2272 certification and are working hard to meet the specifications.

These include the Ninebot One, which looks a cross of a rolling droid and a unicycle, and is a funny looking hoverboard. There are also companies such as PhunkeeDuck, which have been designing high-end hoverboards, which they expect to launch soon. The future for hoverboards is looking very bright, with several companies now focusing on developing boards that can fly instead of rolling along on the ground.

There is still some way before those hoverboards hit the market, but for now, these are the current best electric hoverboards that you can buy on the market.