The Best Hoverboard- ‘Hoverboards’ was the top trending phrase in 2015, which was supposedly going to be the year when people would start flying on hoverboards. There was massive hype about hoverboards, but all of that died down, like most trends do. However, true fans of the hoverboard weren’t disappointed for long, because they knew that with technology advancing at such a rapid pace, they wouldn’t have to wait much longer for hoverboards that can fly!

Now in 2020, there isn’t 1 but nearly a dozen new hoverboards set to be launched, with the common theme in all of them that they can fly! We are talking about real hoverboards here, not the ones where you get a battery powered balance board on wheels, which could explode! That is the reason why we decided to cover all the best hoverboards that can fly and hover above ground.

The hoverboard movement has begun, and we couldn’t be more excited about the future! There are lots of organizations that have invested a lot of time and money into developing amazing hoverboards, which can do incredible things, like flying! You would be lying if you said that you don’t want to take a ride on a flying hoverboard, and feel like Aladdin riding on his magic carpet!

There are plenty of amazing hoverboards that now possess the ability to fly and hoverboard. It is an incredible time for hoverboard fans, and even though the prices quoted for them are bordering on ridiculous, it is still an incredible piece of technology. So before we dive into discussing the best hoverboards that can fly and hover, let’s get some insight into these incredible machines.

Are you familiar with “hoverboards” yet?

The Best Hoverboard

Even if you haven’t been keeping up-to-date with the hoverboard industry, you must have heard about them or seen kids running wild on these two-wheeler toys. There was quite a lot of cases of these boards catching fire and exploding, which caused lots of concern, even leading to an airline ban. The worst part about the early hoverboards was that they couldn’t get off the ground, which defeated the entire purpose.

The earlier hoverboards were rolling on wheels, and weren’t hovering in the air, but it seemed that people didn’t care, but that was because most of them didn’t think that was possible. That perception has changed, and now hoverboard manufacturers are investing in hoverboards that can fly! The concept isn’t groundbreaking by any stretch of the imagination, and there have been lots of videos of people standing on hoverboards that are flying.

Serious flying machines

The Best Hoverboard

Let’s be honest about one thing first. Back to the Future fans were disgusted with the earlier models of hoverboards, because they didn’t fly. This prompted a serious rethink by the engineers that designed them, and with the technology available to make this change, they decided it was time to create hoverboards that could be used for urban and military transportation, policing, recreation, and sports.

The great thing is that people would prefer riding to work on a hoverboard, but there would need to be a separate path created for them. ATVs are still popular as recreational vehicles, and flying hoverboards would be an immensely popular choice for people. They will also be incredibly useful for rescuing people that are trapped on bridges, or hanging on for life in floodwaters.

That is why there is lots of hope and optimism surrounding the next generation of hoverboards, because manufacturers are now shifting towards creating serious flying machines. The only hurdle they face is in how to overcome the power challenge, since fitting a lightweight power system on a hoverboard isn’t going to be easy. Battery systems are heavy, so hoverboard engineers must come up with new and innovative ways to power the machine. This means that the overall cost of a flying hoverboard could be anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000, which is expensive.

Thinking way bigger than before!

The Best Hoverboard

Major corporations are now throwing all their resources and weight behind developing flying hoverboards, since they see the immense potential and demand for hoverboards. Companies in Silicon Valley have started developing prototypes, and there are lots of models being mentioned in the industry. The reason why major organizations have started taking an interest in hoverboards is because they believe it offers a fast and efficient transportation system.

The technology is there to create something special, and that has given even more charge and incentive to create flying hoverboards. We asked a manufacturer about the secret to making hoverboards fly and hover above ground, and they were gracious enough to share it with us. It is called the magnetic levitation technology, and includes special ‘hover engines’, which can float over any surface.

Here is how it works:

The engine of the hoverboard will create a magnetic field that generate electrical currents on the surface, and these electrical currents and magnetic field will push against one another. This allows the hoverboard to float on top of the surface, carrying anything. Floating also uses less friction than when the board is on rails or wheels, which means that this transport system is more efficient.

The challenge that these big companies face is getting communities excited and attracted about embracing this new and radical transportation system. There is also the price factor, which could go a long way in determining whether people will use it for the purpose it is being created. There are whispers going on that Elon Musk may also get into flying hoverboards, and create a transport system that allows people to travel on hoverboards.

No matter what happens, one thing is certain that there is lots of amazing technology out there, and mainstream consumers may need to wait for a few years before it is made available to them. The flying hoverboards is something that excites us greatly, since it is the future of hoverboards.

Now, let’s check out the best hoverboards that can fly and hover. Most of these hoverboards haven’t been released yet, and some don’t have much information out about them. Nevertheless, let’s look at some of the ones that we liked.

1.    Zapata Flyboard Air

Zapata Flyboard Air

The Zapata Flyboard Air, really caught our eye, and with good reason. It looks like an incredible machine, manufactured by Zapata Racing. The independent propulsion unit, took 4 years to complete, and the Zapata Racing Flyboard is the next generation of hoverboards. Take a good look at it, because this is what real hoverboards are meant to look like. It also has some astonishing capabilities:

  • Top speed of 93.2 MPH
  • Autonomous flight up to 10,000 feet
  • 10 minutes of uninterrupted flying time

This hoverboard set a new Guinness World Record by traveling 2,253 meters for the farthest hoverboard flight. The Zapata Flyboard uses a turbine engine, which propels the rider forward, and it runs on jet fuel, which is stored in a backpack worn by the rider.

Zapata Racing Background

Franky Zapata is the brains behind Zapata Racing, and launched his company for competing in PWC jet ski. They have achieved incredible success, by winning medals since 1996, which includes 6 world championships, and 2 European titles. They created the first prototype for the Flyboard in 2011, which featured a water propelled jet back, which was attached to a hose, and ran on the power of the jet ski.

This prototype was a success, and got lots of attention by the media, and it soon became a worldwide sensation, as it began selling as the Flyboard Legend. The next stage of the Flyboard occurred in 2014, when they attached a hoverboard to a hose and propelled through a jet ski. They tried several other models, before releasing their prototype, so that they could adjust the Flyboard Legend.

The other prototypes of the hoverboard were all water propelled, but they decided to switch things up by creating the Flyboard Air. It featured lots of borrowed aspects in functionality and design from the older models, with the major difference being a lack of restraints. It isn’t attached to a hose, and this means that the hoverboard can propel to an astonishing max altitude of 10,000 feet, at a top speed of 93.2 mph!

Release Date Speculation

Zapata Racing

There is understandably lots of excitement attached towards the release data of the Zapata Flyboard Air, especially after Zapata Racing was bought by a US explosives detection firm, Implant Sciences. This sparked speculation that the Flyboard Air was going to be used by the military, and make its way in industrial fields, before it is available to the public.

Currently, there has been no announcement of a release data, with the government not approving the technology yet. There is also no word from Implant Sciences, as to whether they plan on releasing the hoverboard for consumers. If launched in the consumer market, there is lots of potential for success, since the public is going to go all out to get their hands on this technology.

If the Flyboard Air manages to get approved by the government, it may be a different model with vastly inferior capabilities to the ones that were mentioned above. There is no denying that other hoverboard manufacturers are already looking at Zapata’s prototype, and may take inspiration in creating a hoverboard for consumers. For more information about the Zapata Flyboard Air, and its release date, keep watching this space!

2.    Hendo Hoverboard

Hendo Hoverboard

If there was ever an ideal hoverboard design, then Hendo Hoverboard nails it completely. The prototype first came into the public eye back in 2013, and since then there have been plenty of new models with updates and upgrades. The design of this hoverboard is impressive, since this is the first image that comes into your mind, whenever someone mentions hoverboard.

The Hendo Hoverboard has state-of-the-art technology, and the great thing about it, is that it can hover above any surface. This is what makes it a favorite of ours, as you can hop onto the hoverboard, and start hovering about to your destination. Let’s look at the unique technology that powers it:

Hendo Specs and How It Works

The Hendo Hoverboard has 4 electrically charged magnets that give the board liftoff along with the rider on any metallic surface. The magnets attached beneath the hoverboard generate electromagnetic waves, which allows the board to hover. You can levitate above the ground through electromagnetic repulsion, which creates the hovering affect. However, it can’t hover on all surfaces, because you need a sheet of metal that will respond with the magnets to create the hover effect.

There are lots of test videos, where the prototype is put through its paces, and you will notice that there is a slight issue with the steering controls. The Hendo Hoverboard is excellent at hovering, but in terms of drivability, it isn’t the finished product. However, the latest model has come with new features, and it looks amazing to ride on it. There are solutions for rectifying the steering problem, in the form of a developer kit launched by Hendo, known as the WhiteBox.

This developer kit has an inbuilt micro-controller that helps pivot the engine, and changes the orientation of the magnetic field on any surface the board hovers above. You can steer the WhiteBox with a remote control, but we are still waiting for this steering technology to be implemented properly. That could happen in the next prototype model of the Hendo Hoverboard that is released.

Hendo Background

Hendo Hoverboard

Arx Pax is the parent company of Hendo hoverboard, created by the visionary Greg Henderson. He created Hendo Technology, and then named it as Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA). The vision that he had has been implemented into lots of potential applications, which go beyond hoverboards. There are lots of talented individuals working at Arx Pax and developing astonishing technologies overtime.

The Hendo Hoverboard has lots of different prototypes, with the original one being launched in 2013. It has had a total of 7 different models, since that time, and the next prototype is in the development phase. MFA technology is taking hoverboards seriously, and they plan on creating an advanced steering feature on the Hendo Hoverboard that will take it to the next level.

Release Date and Price Speculation

There has been no word or update on the release date of the Hendo Hoverboard. The current prototype, needs a lot of fine tuning, since it is a handful to steer, so it doesn’t look that it will be placed on the consumer market. The next prototype, (pictured above), is said to be a gamechanger in the way hoverboards are going to function.

This has sparked excitement among lots of donors, with some even donating $10,000 towards the next project for the Hendo Hoverboard. The Kickstarter project promises to offer a 5-minute ride to $100 donors, while $1,000 donors can enjoy a 1-hour private session on the Hendo Hoverboard.

3.    Omni Hoverboard

Omni Hoverboard

CatalinAlexandruDuru, is the main that created the perfect version of the hoverboard, known as the Omni Hoverboard. The Canadian inventor set a Guinness World Record by traveling for 275.9 meters above the surface on this hoverboard. It comfortably broke the previous record of the farthest distance ever travelled on a hoverboard.

The Omni Hoverboard looks like the real deal, although it isn’t the finished product yet. There is still work being done on this model of the hoverboard, so that it gets to the next level.

4.    Lexus Hoverboard

Omni Hoverboard

One hoverboard that is generating waves in the industry is the Lexus SLIDE hoverboard. The great thing is that it hovers above any surface, and Lexus has already set a massive budget aside on marketing and promoting the hoverboard. It certainly worked, as it got our full attention.

The Lexus hoverboard is something out a dream for fans of hoverboards, and uses a unique combination of liquid nitrogen, and superconductors to hover above the surface. However, the board will only function properly on a special magnetic track designed for it. The liquid nitrogen helps keep the temperature of the board down, to ensure that it retains superconducting capability.

Lexus clearly knocked the ball out of the park when designing the hoverboard, since it is both attractive and sleek. The liquid nitrogen technology used in the board, helps it separate from the surfaces when hovering, which is like the Hendo Hoverboard.

How the Lexus SLIDE Technology Works

Lexus SLIDE technology

The Lexus SLIDE technology is simply amazing, as the board uses a unique combination of liquid nitrogen, magnets, and superconductors to hover above the ground. The superconductors won’t function properly if they overheat, and the liquid nitrogen keeps the temperature down. It allows the board to hover consistently over the magnetic track.

The technology is incredibly complex, which means that mass production for this hoverboard is still a long way off. Lexus hasn’t started manufacturing the hoverboard, since it wants to make slight adjustments to the hoverboard. There is no doubt that this is going to be a very high-maintenance hoverboard, since it requires a liquid nitrogen refill every 10 minutes, and will only run on a magnetic track. This makes it inconvenient for people that want to enjoy a ride on this hoverboard.

When Will the Lexus SLIDE be Available for Sale?

There is limited information available right now, regarding the potential release date for the Lexus SLIDE hoverboard. There has been no word from Lexus, and it could be a publicity stunt by them. For more information on this incredible hoverboard, watch this space!

5.    ArcaBoard


The ArcaBoard looks amazing, and it is exactly how most of us imagined hoverboards to look like. This hoverboard is unique in the sense that it allows you to ride across any terrain, even over water! You can do whatever you want, and experience a ride unlike any other that you have ever had before. It is certainly enough to make us want to purchase this hoverboard.

Who needs to book airplane tickets, get a new car, or ride their bicycle, when they can travel in style on the ArcaBoard. The revolutionary hoverboard is groundbreaking, since it can hover, travel, and fly over any surface that you desire. The hoverboard is powered by a total of 36 supercharged electric ducted fans that generate the hovering effect!

The ArcaBoard has a maximum thrust of 430lbs, and generates 237 horsepower that propels the hoverboard over any surface including water. The greatest thing about this hoverboard is that there is an actual release date mentioned on the ArcaBoard website. You can purchase the board for $14,900 and change the way you travel.

The hoverboard needs to be recharged after every 6 hours, and you can also purchase an upgraded charger, which can fully charge the ArcaBoard in only 1 hour.

6.    Aero X

Aero X

We know what you are thinking. This isn’t a hoverboard, but it isn’t far off from being one. The Aero X is essentially a hover bike, and features incredibly technology that you couldn’t have imagined. That is the reason why we simply had to add it to the list. The incredible Aero X can achieve liftoff till 10 feet off the ground, and travel at a max speed of 45mph for 75 minutes!

Those are very impressive numbers, but it gets even better. It is designed in the shape of a motorcycle, and can seat two people comfortably. The Aero-X can also be adapted for different situations, which makes it an incredible machine. You can adapt this hoverbike for urban and rural transportation, ranching, agriculture, disaster relief, border patrol, search and rescue, and surveying.

The Aero-X responds like a motorcycle, with the only difference being its ability to fly. There aren’t many moving parts on it, and it is going to cost you considerably less than a helicopter or air plane. There isn’t any release data mentioned for the Aero-X, but it is expected to start launching within this year. The estimated price of the Aero-X is going to be around $85,000, which is decent.